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Subject: Telecom 9/19/07

Please send me any corrections and additions. I will include them and 
upload the minutes to KAVI.

Telecom 9/19/07

There was a discussion of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) work 
that is in its preliminary stages. SCA concentrates on implementation 
and is at a lower level than our work. However, the TC should be aware 
of what is being proposed to assure that the RA spec allows for the 
implementation approaches of SCA. It was suggested that Danny follow the 
work and keep the TC informed.

The major portion of this telecom dealt with resolving some of the 
issues against Version 0.2 of the Reference Architecture for Service 
Oriented Architecture.

Ken reformatted the issues list and uploaded it as 
ReformattedIssuesList_9-19-07, which is the list used for discussion. 
The discussion started on row 114 of the reformatted version.

Issue 170 Accepted

Issue 171 – Change the nomenclature to Service Visibility Model

Issue 172 – Disposition in process

Ken to take action item to rewrite the text.

Issue 173 - Delete lines 764 to 761

Issue 311 – Ken to rewrite

Issue 312 – Frank has reworded this portion in an upgraded document

Issue 174 – Bullet 2 focuses on incompleteness; bullet 4 focuses on 
insufficiency. A
third concept is that completeness and sufficiency change over time. Ken 
will rewrite Bullets 2 and 4 to include these ideas and will rearrange 
the text. He will also include cross references to similar ideas 
elsewhere in the document.

Issue 313 There will be email discussions on this issue and we will come 
back to it next week


Don Flinn
Mansurus LLC
e-mail: flinn@alum.mit.edu
Tel: 781-856-7230

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