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Subject: RE: [soa-rm-ra] Follow-up to 7-5-08 Telecom

In section 1.1.1, "What is this Reference Architecture?", it states on
line 41 that 

"the key assumptions that we make in this Reference Architecture is
(should be are) that SOA-based systems involve:"

Line 46

  "*  interaction between people and systems is primarily through the
exchange of mssages with realiability that is appropriate for the
intended uses and purposes."

Securing data at rest can be a complex issue which can involve
everything from physical security of the computing systems, network
protection, protection via trusted platforms, etc.  The SOA RA does not
get into this particular aspect of security.  However, your concern
about the confidentiality and integrity of the message via HTTPS is
mentioned in the security section, "Transport Layer".  Line 2885
of this section specifically mentions HTTPS and in lines 2886-2887

"Given the anture of SOA-based communications across multiple ownership
boundaries, security provided at the transport layer cannot be relied
upon for protection of message confidentiality."

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [soa-rm-ra] Follow-up to 7-5-08 Telecom
From: michael.poulin@uk.fid-intl.com
Date: Wed, May 07, 2008 10:49 am
To: soa-rm-ra@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: danny.thornton@scalablearchitectures.com, dnickull@adobe.com,

Below, is my note related to security, section 5.2.7. I am not sure we
need to discuss it at the next Telecom or we can discuss it via e-mail.

5.2.7 Architectural Implications of SOA Security

One of the last 'big' bullet-points says: "The mechanisms that make-up
the execution context in secure SOA-based message exchanges should:". 
I think, it is not enough for SOA Security.

We have talked already that execution context may be applied (according
to SOA RM) as to the message exchange as to the service execution
(service body) itself. From the service consumer perspective, security
of the message exchange is equally important to the security of the
service execution.

For example, the major fault in HTTPS is that the message becomes naked
(unprotected) the next moment it reaches the destination - Web Server.
Now, it is the Web Server and the rest of the receiver's system have to
preserve message integrity, confidentiality, etc. If they do not do
this, consumer's sensitive data may be tempered during the service

I would like to propose very simple change in the text: 
replace words "message exchanges" by the word "systems" and leave the
list of security measures as is. Thus, the phrase would sound like: "The
mechanisms that make-up the execution context in secure SOA-based
systems should:"

- Michael

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