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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Follow-up to 7-5-08 Telecom {events are realized

Subject - RA Public Release 1: 
> 1887 A Message denotes either an action or an event. In other words,  
> both actions and events are realized
> 1888 through messages.

MP states that both actions and events may be realized though the service, not through the message.

according to Webster, denote means indicate or mark, exactly as you said  sending a message to open an account *is* the same thing as TRYING to open the account [capital letters are mine  MP]. It may or may be not realized, i.e. the account may or may be not opened, because the action open does not realize through the message, it realizes through other means.

Getting back to our text, I just said that a message to a service denotes action and RWE, i.e. indicates request for RWE only. The RWE gets realized by the service because of the message. Here is an example from MOM:
-	an application sends an audit message, for example, via MQ Series, i.e. application indicates its intension to store the audit info. Can the sender be sure that the action gets realized  the audit info gets stored in an Audit Database? Of cause, not. 
-	To solve this problem, MOM uses durable subscription for the receiver and still the realization is not guaranteed (this is why IBM changed term guaranteed delivery onto assured delivery a few years ago, right?). Only Reliable Messaging can guarantee realization. That is, both actions and events (RWE) are realized though the service (infrastructure in this case), while message just denotes actions and events ( and cannot do more ).


Main Entry:
\di-ˈnōt, dē-\ 
transitive verb 
Middle French denoter, from Latin denotare, from de- + notare to note
1: to serve as an indication of : betoken <the swollen bellies that denote starvation>
2: to serve as an arbitrary mark for <red flares denoting danger>
3: to make known : announce <his crestfallen look denoted his distress>4 a: to serve as a linguistic expression of the notion of : mean b: to stand for : designate

- Michael

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