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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Disambiguating Action (Part I)

>According to our definition (lifted from W3C) anything with an ID is a resource.

Since we can have a registry of service interfaces (e.g., UDDI) where each record has its ID, are we saying that a service interface is the resource of the service? Is a skin or a face exist as a resource of the body? I feel a bit strange now...  :-(

Are we in the position of making any changes?

We cannot talk about an abstract resource. In English, a resource assumes an object which this resource relates to as a resource. Right? 

A service may be a resource to a consumer; something, which may be accessible, may be a resource to service...

Am I lost somewhere? (I have to think faster about Ken's lists of services and lists of resources, I guess)

- Michael

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