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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Disambiguating Action (Part I) - Take 2

I like Ken's introduction of Goal to Fig. 10 with linkage to Intent.  That said, I still argue that we really need at least two visual models versus a single model.  One that is specific to Consumers (& Mediators) and one that is specific to Providers.  I do not think we can combine the two because the types of Action are quite different.  Further, the notion of Events from the perspective of Providers vs. Consumers is different.
From a Consumer's perspective, the Action the consumer agent performs---corresponding to the Consumer's Intent associated with a specific Goal---is sending a message to the provider agent (i.e., Service), which does not directly "cause" a RWE to occur, at least not in the same manner that the Service's Action "causes" a RWE to occur.  What happens if the network is down and consumer agent messages with Intent that were applied via sending an Action-oriented message to the Service cannot get to their destination (endpoint)?  Obviously, no RWE is going to occur because the Service was never reached.  We so need to think about these kinds of boundary conditions.
Perhaps we can resolve this on today's call by focusing on variations of Fig. 10.  I'm hopeful!
 - Jeff

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