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Subject: can the process model of a service use actions other than in action model?

A simple question like will likely go on until we finish nailing down Action.

Now I would say yes.  For example, a process may require use of an external authentication service before it completes a data retrieval request.  The action is related to (at this point still a wishy washy connection) to the authentication service and not the service with the process model under discussion.  Consider something like the following as a model:

What does this mean in terms of description? 

Well, a description for the Process Model should 
- identify the Actions it uses and 
- point to the process instructions for combining the Actions.

For each Function (let's assume this is a business function and, for the present, Function is the same as Functionality), a description would identify 
- the business function (possibly by relating to a standard definition, a taxonomy of functions, etc.) and 
- the Process Model by which the Function is accomplished.  
(A level of detail not considered here is the shorthand for a Process Model with a single Action.) 

For the immediate discussion, I am assuming the following definitions I proposed 27 May:

Capability: The underlying resource or set of resources that enables the realization of real world effects.

Functionality: The set of business needs satisfied by some set of real world effects.  Functionality may be expressed through a textual description or through reference to any defined taxonomy of functions or similar vocabulary.

OK, I'm ready to duck.



Ken Laskey

MITRE Corporation, M/S H305     phone:  703-983-7934

7515 Colshire Drive                        fax:        703-983-1379

McLean VA 22102-7508

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