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Subject: Service Interaction Visual Model (based on today's telecon discussion)

Since many of you on the call this morning are security challenged by your corporate firewalls, I'm uploading this to our Kavi site instead.
This visual model is a first attempt to map from the higher level abstract model describing Communicative Action and its relationship to Interaction to a level of abstraction on par with the Realizing SOAs View in which we map these concepts to Message Exchange and Service Interaction, respectively.  This model or a variant of it will need to be included in the Interacting with Services Model section of the RA.  It's imperative that we come to some agreement on this.  Michael has provided some models as well, which you can see on the Kavi site.  They do not yet, however, reflect our discussions/clarifications today with Frank.
Here's how to "read" the visual model...
Communicative Action is a specialization of Joint Action.  (Don't know if we need to reflect that here yet again.  Perhaps.)  Communicative Action conveys Action and Event.  Interaction is composed of Communicative Action.  Message Exchange is a specialization of Communicative Action while Service Interaction is a specialization of Interaction.  Service Interaction realizes Message Exchange (or conversely, Message Exchange is realized by Service Interaction).  [The note opens the question to you all on whether or not this association should be a composition or a realization.  (Incidentally, the dashed line with the open arrow head denotes realization in the UML.)]  Message Exchange is composed of one or more Messages.  A Message is composed of Structure and Semantics, which are described in the Information Model.  A Message is a medium of Service Interaction.  A Message also represents (or denotes) Action and Event.
Appreciate your comments!
 - Jeff

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