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Subject: RE: [soa-rm-ra] reaching closure on Action

I am just catching up on last weeks message threads.  If we can capture
these discussions as issues in our next issues spread sheet that would
be helpful.  The issues spread sheet can reference the title of a
message thread relating to the issue and the date of a message when
applicable. Links to Kavi diagrams can also be added to an issue.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [soa-rm-ra] reaching closure on Action
From: Ken Laskey <klaskey@mitre.org>
Date: Fri, June 06, 2008 12:02 pm
To: soa-rm-ra <soa-rm-ra@lists.oasis-open.org>

Dear Fellow Explorers, 

We've had some very stimulating discussions over the past few weeks but
I feel there are other things caught in limbo until we reach some
consensus.  I don't think we are plagued by major disagreements but
rather the different facets of complexity for the range of things we
want to capture and make understandable to a wider audience.

So I think we need a plan for how to proceed.  The elements of such a
plan would cover
1. capturing the different facets;
2. capturing where in the document these facets currently live;
3. work a consistent understanding that covers all the facets.

Unfortunately, this is not an 80-20 situation because a standard that
only covers 80% of the scope is looking for trouble.

Now I would suggest an extended call (all day?) but I realize we are all
busy and that may not be feasible.  What's more is it may not be
productive unless we have all the background material together going in.

As a precursor to an extended meeting (or even a regular meeting), is it
possible for us to have a short list of questions and for the author of
each section to satisfy items 1 and 2 above through the answers?  Would
that be enough to help structure a productive (and hopefully not too
long) call?

I haven't yet considered the questions, but figured I'd float the idea
and see if someone came up with something better.


Ken Laskey
MITRE Corporation, M/S H305     phone:  703-983-7934
7515 Colshire Drive                        fax:        703-983-1379
McLean VA 22102-7508

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