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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] reaching closure on Action

I think it's time to return to basics and my belief is that starts with clear clarification of Real World Effect (RWE).
See pages 18-19 of the RM.  Also see the attached subset of slides from Ken's RM tutorial.
Clearly, RWE is related to the notion of Shared State and Interaction.  This point (at least Shared State) seems to have been dropped in the RA.
Also, we need to be clear about RWE.  Does a consumer using a proxy agent to send a message to a Service requesting invocation of a permissible action failing due to a network outage count as a RWE since the Service never got to request message to carry out its action?  Ambiguities such as this need to get resolved.
For SOA-based systems, to me, only joint action is interesting.  Who cares about separate action?  Heck, anything that some entity does could be characterized as an action.  That would leave us with unlimited permutations.
Enough rambling for now.
 - JAE


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