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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Version

Title: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Version
How about a much simpler version (no pun intended.  Well maybe)

1. Resources have versions.  
2. A service (which is a specialized type of resource), therefore also has versions
3. A service description describes the service, and therefore must describe any properties such as “version”
4. An identifier identifies a unique service/version

Why?  Versions are usually only used for “externally visible property changes”.  It is not necessary to version services based solely on time or space.

Comments inline:

On 25/06/08 3:19 PM, "Francis McCabe" <frankmccabe@mac.com> wrote:

Here is why I thought that version was connected to identity:

A resource is a time varying entity that has value to someone (or something)
DN: everything varies with time so it is not unique, therefore why mention it.

A version identifies a particular state of the resource at a particular moment in time (could include space too).
DN: agree

The resource may or may not have any 'awareness' of its versions. In fact, I would argue that most of the time it does not.
DN: this is orthogonal.  I think most version changes really represent different states visible outside the service, not necessarily what powers them.

Consider a description of a service. That description will have many aspects to it. It may also identify which version of the service the description pertains to.

Now, consider versioning the description itself. In the case of a description, it is a structure artifact and so it may be possible to 'fit' any version identification of the description into the description itself. But, if the description was designed to a specification that neither enabled versioning nor enabled extensions, then you could not embed version info into the description artifact (straw man I now, but other resources have no space for version info).
DN: I would not consider versioning the description.  I think it is simpler if you describe the service and any unique service/version instances.

BTW – here are the minutes – please add any changes before committing.  Sorry I had to run earlier.


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