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Subject: Re: OASIS-Open Group SOA Activity

Title: Re: OASIS-Open Group SOA Activity
I plan to be there as at least an observer.  If we can get the go ahead from everyone, I would like to get involved at a deeper level.  Can you please send me the exact details for the face to face?


On 16/10/08 3:54 AM, "Chris Harding" <c.harding@opengroup.org> wrote:

Hello, Duane -

Thanks for your e-mail!

The Open Group sees harmonization of SOA concepts as very important. As you know, we are planning a meeting on this topic at our San Diego conference in the week of February 2, and hope to see representation there from OASIS and from the OMG. This will be an excellent opportunity to establish a common position.

Meanwhile, I see no problem in principle from an Open Group perspective with our participation in an OASIS meeting. Practical issues may of course need to be resolved, and we would need to establish who would attend on behalf of The Open Group. Can you tell us, please, where and when your next face-to-face meeting is?

At 18:02 15/10/2008, Duane Nickull wrote:
Jamie, Chris:

Today during the OASIS SOA RM RA SC call, IBM came and we discussed reconciling the disparate activities WRT SOA.  IMHO, this meeting was extremely beneficial and there are a few items we wish to pursue.

One of these is to have Open Group invited toa future face to face meeting to discuss alignment, reconciliation, harmonization and or potentially convergence for an SOA Reference Architecture document. In order to do this, the Open Group would need to be present during our next F2F meeting.  We wish to ask you if there are any reasons why we as a TC cannot pursue this or, in the alternative, do we require some higher agreement between the two parent organizations?

We are also planning on a mapping of major concepts in documents and potentially harmonizing terminology where applicable for the benefit of the industry at whole.


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