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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Diagramming trust

While I am not sure the diagram correctly captures the trust model we 
are working on, and I agree that trust is an internal perception or 
personal assessment, I haven't said, or bought into a definition that 
relies on emotion. An emotional component doesn't even need to be 
present, just the perception or assessment. Perception may contain an 
emotional component, may indeed not be possible without such. However 
assessment needn't, and I think assessment alone can be sufficient.


At 9:57 AM -0700 4/4/09, Francis McCabe wrote:
>Actually, I am not sure.
>We have consistently declared that trust is inherently an internal 
>'emotion' :)
>That means that trust is not actually a relationship but is a 
>private proposition.
>Also, we need to find a way to draw this stuff in UML
>On Apr 4, 2009, at 9:21 AM, David E. Ellis wrote:
>>Ken, Frank, Rex
>>I believe this is a better evaluation of trust since it is always 
>>from the Service consumer perspective to initiate.  That said, the 
>>Service Provider has to trust aspects of the interaction also.
>>We also need to accurately discuss the way the Service provider Adopts Goal.
>><Trust detailed.ppt>
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