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Subject: RE: [soa-rm-ra] A general comment on the SOA RA


Here is a link to our Public Review Draft 1 (PDR1) version of the RA released almost a year ago (I can hardly believe it!):


In it, you will see the former name of the first viewpoint and associated view, which was referred to as the "Business via Services" viewpoint/view.  It was renamed to the "Service Ecosystem" viewpoint/view based on feedback from the tutorial given at last year's OASIS Symposium and post subcommittee discussions.  I would encourage you to have a look at the content of the former viewpoint reflected in PRD1 to if the spirit of the message has been lost given all the changes that have been made this past year; far too many in my opinion.  I think we strayed from the 'business' focus of that viewpoint/view into a far too an abstract perspective leveraging the ecosystem concept.  Those of you on the subcommittee already know that I have expressed my opinion on this matter a number of times.  I think what Frank had captured in the PRD1 variant was closer to the mark but too many folks taking shots at it have muddled the message.  Once again, I suggest it is time to re-assess.  Wasn't that an action item a few months back?  We simply dropped it.  Shame on us.

Finally, we need to be very clear about the distinction between the organizational principle of "service orientation" versus SOA.  I see a lot of the former in the recent threads.


 - Jeff

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