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Subject: RE: [soa-rm-ra] Groups - SOA Governance and Management Section (RAGovernance Section Structure by RE.doc) uploaded


On the right track here I think, but a few of points about organization of the RA.

First, we have agreed that our top-level subsections within each view will be referred to as "models."  This is intended to represent architectural models.  More on this topic below.

Second, are you recommending moving the Policies & Contracts Model that was articulated in the Realizing SOAs View to the Owning SOAs View?  I think the answer is yes, but just need confirmation and Danny, are you OK with this?

Third, I'm not big on creating a separate section on the generic model for governance separate from SOA governance.  Readers are going to ask why are WE trying to define what governance is when there are plenty of other resources that do a fine job.  There has to be a direct tie to what we are trying to describe in this RA, which is an architectural description of the paradigm of SOA.

Fourth, right now, as I read this, the flow is all over the place.  There is generic governance mixed with policies and contracts mixed with management mixed with SOA governance, etc.  We need to set this up in a readable flow via models (see next item).

Returning to the point I alluded to in the first item, here's a possible recommended model organization for the Owning SOAs View with subsections yet to be identified (to be discussed by the Subcommittee):

Policies and Contracts Model (starting w/Fig 2)
Governance Model (leverages P&C model)
Management Model (leverages Gov model)
[OR Governance and Management Model (combined)]
Testing Model

Hopefully, a topic for discussion on today's call.


 - JAE

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Subject: [soa-rm-ra] Groups - SOA Governance and Management Section (RA Governance Section Structure by RE.doc) uploaded

Draft for comment on Wednesday

 -- Dr. Robert Ellinger

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