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Subject: RE: [soa-rm-ra] Groups - SOA Governance and Management Section (RAGovernance Section Structure by RE.doc) uploaded


I thought we agreed on the call that we were not in objection of potentially doing a wholesale move of the Policies & Contracts Model to the Owning SOAs View.  And Danny who authored that model I believe did not object.  (Danny, please weight in.)

What we were objecting to was that we feel Policies & Contracts (if you'll allow me to use P&C for short) are first class concepts that should not get lost or buried in the discussion of Governance and Management (G&M).  Yes, these P&Cs are absolutely critical to the architectural elements of G&M but again, they need to stand on their own since they transcend all views.

My suggestion is to see if we did indeed do a wholesale move of the P&C Model to the Owning SOAs View and start with that model, followed by the Governance Model, followed by the Management Model (or perhaps a combined Governance and Management Model), then perhaps you could help with the flow of these models and in turn their readability.

Finally, I should point out that while Gov & Mgmt are certainly related, we also don't want to lose sight of the notion of services as managed entities; not just talk about P&C enforcement.

Hope this helps...

 - J

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