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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] My refactor of the willingness and trust diagram:)

I prefer a simpler diagram where there is just one class of evidence 
that includes the entire corpus of evidentiary material from opinions 
to facts subject to individual interpretation with regard to whether 
any given piece of evidence supports Trust or Risk.  I prefer Ken's 
latest definitions for Trust and Risk. Because Trust and Risk are 
individual determinations, I think we are best served by staying out 
of any characterization about what goes into that determination. Some 
people may seek a finely graduated balance while others may use crude 
emotional prejudices. We can't know and shouldn't fall into the trap 
of trying make rational what may not be.

We can, however, encourage rational accountability by providing the 
means for that. We do however, need to provide a basis for accurately 
automating this process where logical, objective, mathematical 
factoring must be brought to bear to make our logcial class 
structures work in the world of work process flows.

That is why I think that in addition to the pure, undifferentiated 
corpus of Evidence, we also need Willingness Factors that can be 
elaborated in concrete solution architectures with confidence that 
such a system will actually allow decent security and provide for 
accountability with regard to Trust and Risk.


At 10:51 PM -0400 6/25/09, Ken Laskey wrote:
>My problem with this is there is Evidence and that Evidence may 
>contribute to the assessment of Trust, Risk, both, or neither.  Your 
>diagram makes it look like the evidence has to be in one bin or the 
>In addition, Willingness does not just come from Trust but rather 
>from an adequate balance, as decided by the Trusting Actor, between 
>Trust and Risk.  Also, your Reputation is an orphan with no use 
>other than to be called out.
>On Jun 25, 2009, at 10:00 PM, Francis McCabe wrote:
>><Trust, Risk and Willingness.png>
>Ken Laskey
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