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Subject: Joint White Paper on Navigating SOA Standards

OASIS SOA-RM & SOA-RA Colleagues,


Sending this message on behalf of Heather Kreger.  Apologies in advance for any cross posting.


Will work with Duane to provide the official Open Group links on our SOA-RM TC home page.




 - Jeff E.


- - - - - -


"Its Here Its Here!

Here is the final  SOA Navigation paper!  Thanks everyone for the hard work and perseverance!

It has been approved by The Open Group SOA WG
It has been approved by OASIS SOA RM TC

It has been approved by OMG for publication with the OMG logo (though official OMG approval is still pending, this should not hold us up).

We have added appendix's to the Open Group SOA Governance Framework, OSIMM, and SOA  Ontology  with the SOA Navigation summary (Spec Insert.

We have a presentation of the paper at The Open Group on July 22. and is posted at  https://www.opengroup.org/projects/soa/uploads/40/20045/SOAHarmonizationPresentation.v3.07012009.ppt.   Please feel free to use this presentation.

We have FINAL approval and be able to publish the paper on:

The Open Group-

        Open Group Bookstore: http://www.opengroup.org/bookstore/catalog/w096.htm   (this version requires you fill out a contacts form)
        SOA WG site: http://www.opengroup.org/projects/soa/uploads/40/20044/W096.pdf
        An email has been sent to the SOA WG

OASIS ...please  publish on the TC site and send an email to the TC

OMG .. Jim, can you ask for an update of the version published at:
      Please also email the task forces and SOA Sig.

Here is the statement we're looking to send to the press that can be used as an intro/abstract:

Members of OASIS, OMG, and The Open Group announce the publication of a new white paper, "Navigating the SOA Open Standards Landscape Around Architecture." The paper was produced to help the SOA community at large navigate the myriad of overlapping technical products produced by these organizations with specific emphasis on the “A” in SOA; i.e., Architecture.

This joint white paper explains and positions standards for SOA reference models, ontologies, reference architectures, maturity models, modeling languages, and  governance. It outlines where the works are similar, highlights the strengths of each body of work, and touches on how the work can be used together in complementary ways. It is also meant as a guide to users of these specifications for selecting the technical products most appropriate for their needs, consistent with where they are today and where they plan to head on their SOA journeys.

We are working on getting quotes to go with this statement to the Press.  We're trying to get this done by Monday so that Carol Geyer (OASIS) can send it out before her vacation."

Heather Kreger
STSM, SOA Standards, Standards, SWG, IBM
Member of IBM Academy of Technology
Author of "Java and JMX: Building Manageable Systems"
919-543-3211 (t/l 441)  cell:919-496-9572 home office: 919-853-3772


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