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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Fwd: DM2 Soa Modeling - SoaML Perspective workingmeeting

Hmmmnnn, Slide 4 gets muddy fast, because we don't have the benefit of 
the oral presentation to explain it, but I can't tell if this is 2 sub 
processes in one general use case or just 2 (or 3) separate processes in 
two or three use cases, but in any case the lower example is concerning 
because it isn't clear if there is any communication between the two 
consumers or they are just independently conducting related transactions 
with the air shark shipping company. I really like the air shark, tho.

In any event, when decomposing relatively complex transactions, as the 
example goes on to do, I think we need to be very careful that we model 
all the details accurately when we get to the point of constructing 
concrete architectures where we specify all those details. That means 
that we may have to diagram that decomposition down to individual 
message exchanges as independent use cases at the most atomic level of 
granularity, before we string those atomic interactions together into 
the full model. (Note: in those atomic level interactions it is probably 
much easier to understand the basic message exchange pattern as a joint 
action, if you have to explain it to anyone, e.g. if the parties agree 
on their roles in that atomic exchange, it allows them to execute those 
roles in a joint action.)

If we get that wrong, we cause more problems than I want to think about. 
However, even if Cory explains how joint action applies to the various 
processes diagrammed in the component architectures, we have no way of 
knowing because we don't have notes on the Notes page view, so it is 
almost impossible to infer how he explained joint actions in that first 
set of examples.

However, be that as it may, I have no big problems with SoaML, e.g. I 
would feel comfortable using it as it is now without a lot questions, 
but not without some questions.


Ken Laskey wrote:
> I attended a meeting on the DoDAF metamodel (DM2) and Cory Casanave 
> presented this brief showing soaML modeling.  Some of the latter stuff 
> still in the discussion phase has to do with this weird thing called 
> Joint Action.  Take a look and consider how it relates to the RA concept.
> Ken
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> Ken Laskey
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