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Subject: Please re-read Sect 4.3.4 of soa-ra-cd-02

RAF Colleagues,


A very interesting discussion ensured today on the topic of atomic vs composite services.  I’d like to encourage everybody who participated in the discussion to re-read Sect 4.3.4 in its entirety prior to next week’s meeting and proposed (via e-mail in the interim if you like) some wording changes to the formal definitions captured in this section.  The reference document is soa-ra-cd-02 lines 2311 to 2350.


Remember that the original issue resolved around multiplicity of interfaces and descriptions and we did not even discuss that point today and for the atomic service case, the issue around the language of interacting with other services (which is accepted to change to use or rely on other services).


Indeed the importance of this distinction depends on one’s perspective but I ask that you imagine the challenges from a management point of view for a highly composed service in terms of management of policies and contracts of each of the services that make up the composite service.  I think this has some real practical implications and they are not trivial.




 - Jeff

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