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Subject: Strawman of outstanding issues


We have worked through the entirety of outstanding issues, questions and concerns for section 3 (along the way, examining also sections 1 & 2). We have, inevitably many, many, edits to propose!


However, and as promised on last week’s call, we now present a “Strawman”, in the form of the attached slide deck which we think touches on all the main issues and provides a narrative for addressing them.


We stress this is not an editing exercise but an attempt to gain consensus on the main issues, definitions and relationships between terms before the proceeding with presenting detailed dispositions of textual changes, in line with said consensus.


As previously announced, I will not be able to join the call tomorrow as I’ll be some 30,000 feet over Kansas at the time of the call. Chris Bashioum will lead off as your Maître d’





Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant

Transforming our Relationships with Information Technologies



P.O. Box 49719, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

Tel: +1.310.694.2278


SOA-RAF Strawman Presentation.pdf

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