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Subject: RE: [soa-rm-ra] Re: Further Note on Mediator



Please rename all occurrences of “Mediator” (and “Service Mediator”) in Section 3 to “Third-Party Participant” and problem solved (including Fig. 7 – Service Participants).


This is what a) what we had originally called and we should have stuck to it, b) consistent with the RM (yes, you can check!), and c) removes any ambiguity about whether or not “it” is a service a component a delegate or whatever.  (Incidentally, thanks to Chris and Peter for dropping the registry/repository example used in the original Sect 3 text!)


Now, if we agree on this suggested language for Section 3, I suggest you all do a search for the word “mediator” in the RAF document.  You’ll find it used in various instances in the other views/sections as well.  It use largely in those cases is largely software delegate/agent-based.  That may be OK because we do not use the word in the ecosystem perspective, but this needs to be verified.  If folks have a hang up with use of the term ‘mediator’ in those other instances, then one alternative would be to use “intermediary” instead, but not if that is going to open a whole other can of worms!  I agree with Rex in that we need to put this topic to bed and to bed soon.




- Jeff


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