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Subject: New Editors' Draft of SOA-RAF


Chris and I have finished our complete re-write of section 3 and incorporated all the amendments and edits agreed with Jeff as editor of sections 1 & 2. We hope that this draft reflects the discussions in the TC over the last three weeks. We have not at this stage gone through or taken on board comments and edits proposed for the remaining chapters, although many of the comments addressed to those chapters have influenced many of the edits we make elsewhere.


I have loaded to the TC work area three ‘views’ of the new work, all in pdf, so that we have no inconsistencies in pagination, line numbering, etc, when discussing the document:

-        The main one of interest shows ‘only’ the substantive edits. All typos, minor drafting and stylistic edits have been incorporated and the tracking hidden from view. The ‘track changes’ that show, therefore, reflect the main additions and changes but may not fully reflect every single deletion, in order to maintain some clarity in reading the overall text and allowing us to get to the essential stuff. I would highly recommend that we take this view as the reference point for our discussions henceforward.

-        The second one is a ‘clean’ version, with all edits and changes incorporated and hiding all changes. This will give you an idea of what the document would look like if all changes were adopted.

-        The third one, on the other hand, shows all changes tracked, in all their glory – it will help if you need to identify specific wording chunks and want to see the full, messy, picture. It is also provided for due diligence.

In the first two, we have maintained a large number of the comments that we raised during our extensive discussions over the last weeks, to give you an idea of ‘where we are coming from’ with some of our edits, and highlighting some remaining issues and concerns. We hope that this all helps.


I’m sorry it is a little later that foreseen but I hope that our efforts have paid off.


Best regards and talk on the call Wednesday


Peter & Chris

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