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Subject: be prepared to discuss tomorrow [was: [soa-rm-ra] IEEE Conferences in June]

Please review the material at the links below.  I believe the Services Computing Conference is probably the most relevant of the five; please consider if you would advocate a different one.  SCC has 4 tracks: Research Track , Application & Experience Track , Industry Track , Work-in-Progress Track .  Please consider which track we would submit to and what would we emphasize consistent with the track descriptions.


By the end of the call tomorrow, we need to decide (1) if we intend to submit, (2) to which conference, (3) to which track, (4) the focus of the paper, and (5) most importantly, who is doing the writing.


Talk with you tomorrow.





Dr. Kenneth Laskey

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Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 6:43 PM
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Subject: [soa-rm-ra] IEEE Conferences in June


Hi all,

Note that IEEE has updated the deadlines for submissions to the Juen conferences in Honolulu. We are considering submitting an abstract as a TC, possibly for the “Work in Progress” track.


The details can be found at:


and specifically on the deadlines at:






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