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Subject: today's non-meeting and the IEEE paper on SOA-RAF

Peter, Rex, and I were on the call but all of us were in less than optimum surroundings for taking notes and having a fuller discussion.  The meeting began at 11:30 AM ET and ended around 11:50.


As for the document, Peter was passed ownership of the Gold Copy after Michael made changes to Management and I made changes to Description.  I will be distributing an updated issues sheet indicating work completed and work yet to do.


The main topic that needed discussion today was deciding on the IEEE conference.  The questions I noted in yesterday’s email and the consensus answers from Peter, Rex, and myself are as follows:

(1) if we intend to submit:  yes


(2) to which conference:  9th International Conference on Service Computing  http://conferences.computer.org/scc/2012/


(3) to which track: Research Track http://conferences.computer.org/scc/2012/research.html because one of the points under Foundations of Services Computing is  Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Industry Standards and Solution Stacks


(4) the focus of the paper: Looking at the topics, an emphasis on the SOA ecosystem and the other work fleshing out realizing and working in the ecosystem should fit.  Peter and Ken will talk more to nail this down.

(5) most importantly, who is doing the writing: Peter and Ken will work on making the paper content more concrete and doing the initial writing; Rex will provide review; others welcome to join in.


That filled up 20 minutes.  Talk with you all next week.





Dr. Kenneth Laskey

MITRE Corporation, M/S H305              phone: 703-983-7934

7515 Colshire Drive                                    fax:        703-983-1379

McLean VA 22102-7508


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