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Subject: for today's meeting: interim drop of RAF and issues list and items to discuss

Attached is the latest drop from Peter of the Gold Copy.  This reflects changes made by Peter (mostly section 3?), Michael (section 5.3), and myself (sections 4.1 and 4.3).  A lot of this dealt with issues that were from the nontrivial work tab.  I believe Peter has inserted comments with his changes to indicate what issue the change reflects.  I have also done that, but some is backfill so I may have missed some annotations.


Also attached is the updated issues sheet.  My intention is to move completed items to the Complete tab but at this stage I’ve filled the issue number cell in yellow when the issue has been finished.  I haven’t asked Peter and Michael to do this, so at the moment  the spreadsheet doesn’t reflect this for them. 


I would like to synch up today on where we stand with incorporating changes and at some point I would like to get bulk committee approvals.  Today, we’ll be content with synching.


Other items to discuss today:

-          IEEE paper

-          any movement on ISO liaison


Talk with you in a bit.





Dr. Kenneth Laskey

MITRE Corporation, M/S H305              phone: 703-983-7934

7515 Colshire Drive                                    fax:        703-983-1379

McLean VA 22102-7508


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