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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] New Working Draft 07; Update of Issues List; Update of Minor edits

Thanks Peter,

I appreciate all the hard work. Over in the Emergency Management TC the EDXL-SitRep spec I've been wrapped up in the last week and a half, got the nod to move into its second Public Review yesterday.

I Hope we call all feel the relief I had yesterday, before I started in on the last few tasks for prepping the document, schemas and examples together.


On 5/9/2012 12:59 AM, Peter F Brown wrote:


Three new documents for your attention regarding the SOA-RAF


Firstly, a new draft – WD07 dated 8 May - this incorporates:

-          all the minor edits (which are considered accepted and are no longer tracked – but see note 3 below);

-          all the more substantial edits, with sidebar comments indicating the respective Issue number(s) addressed;

-          several new figures;

-          indications (in sidebar comments) of other changes still required – often minor updates of figures to align with text already agreed in the SC.

Note: We will continue to note issue resolution against the July 2011 Public Review document – but any discussion in the SC from hereon in should use the structures, section numbers and line numbers of this new WD07 – this will ensure that we remain – literally – on the same page in further discussions. Please use the pdf version of WD07 when making further comments in meetings or on the list. (We will load the Word version to Kavi asap).


Secondly, a fully updated Issues List. This has grown over the last months, inevitably, as a working tool for the editors. Ken and I have restructured this and worked through the whole thing on several passes and present what we hope is a simplified view of what is done, what is recommended, and what remains open. Three new columns appear in the spreadsheet:

Column B indicates the status of the respective issue:

-          Green indicates that the issue is closed – this covers many minor edits, typos, alignment of terms etc. Many of these minor edits are no longer tracked in the document (see note 3 below)

-          Yellow indicates our recommendations for issues that should now be closed, either because they are the result of exhaustive consensus, are also minor edits, or are redundant (OBE) – we propose: if no objections are given in the next (week?), that these issues are closed

-          Red indicates an issues which has been dealt with in our discussions but which still requires some further work – such as updating a figure. We consider the issue to be “dealt with” but we all need just to be sure that the remaining edits are forthcoming

-          Blue indicates an open issue that requires further discussion and/or a decision from the SC.

Columns O and P have been added to provide further information on that small number of issues that are not closed (red or blue in col B)


For each issue, all details of the original comment, suggested edits, discussion, etc have been kept. A green cell – in column I or further to the right - will indicate the end/resolution of the consideration of that issue.


Thirdly, we have updated the short table circulated two weeks ago, indicating the list of issues that are closed and no longer tracked within the working document – this provides a “due diligence” check for minor edits.


I think we can see the finish line….


All the best – and enjoy. Talk to you on the call later





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