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Subject: Latest draft, 12 August

Hi Ken,

All the edits we discussed have now been incorporated into the attached, Working Draft 9, dated 12 August.

If this Wednesday’s meeting accepts the edits in 5.2 and 6, then I think that we are good to go.


The next steps would be to load clean versions of the .doc and .pdf versions in a .zip file (together with the tracked changes versions for reference, and other supporting information such as the issues list) to the SOA-RM doc repository and distribute the url for that .zip file to the full TC: it is that url upon which we will vote in the TC meeting.


I will miss most if not all of this Wednesday’s meeting as I will be in Chicago for the NSTIC kick-off (and, yes, it’s true that I’m standing for election as chair of the proposed Management Council). I will try to call in at some point however.

I’m happy to work on the file uploads, etc. on Friday when I’m back in the office.







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Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant

web: www.peterfbrown.com

twitter: @pensivepeter


P.O. Box 49719, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

Phone : (310) 694-2278


Attachment: soa-raf-v1 0-wd09-20120812.doc
Description: soa-raf-v1 0-wd09-20120812.doc

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