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Subject: Proposed edits to SOA-RAF Committee Specification Public review Draft


As agreed at this week’s RAF meeting, attached is an updated document, containing the proposed edits to the last Public Review Draft.

The next full TC meeting will have to decide:

- whether the edits are to be considered as “non-material changes” in which case no further public review is required and the TC can proceed to call for a full committee ballot to approve the latest document as a Committee Specification (this is now allowed following a recent change to the OASIS TC process);


- whether the changes are “material”, in which case and if these edits are accepted, the TC will need to proceed with a further public review before it can finalize the work.


Please send any comments on this new draft to the full TC RM list (no new issues).


Along with the updated document, I also attach a copy of the Issues List, updated in light of the decisions of the RAF sub-committee meeting this week. The TC will have to formally accept these dispositions, whichever path it decides to follow.


Ken will send out further information in the coming days regarding a date for the full TC meeting (we discussed a provisional date of 21 November).


Best regards,



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Attachment: soa-ra-v1.0-csprd03-rev1.pdf
Description: soa-ra-v1.0-csprd03-rev1.pdf

Attachment: 2012-11-02-Issues.xlsx
Description: 2012-11-02-Issues.xlsx

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