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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] New Orleans - some organisational Qs


If I have internet in the conf. room, I'll blog.

peter@justbrown.net wrote:

> Duane, all:
> I had voted "no, I can't be there" for the New Orleans F2F ballot, but 
> I *am* in favour of the meeting taking place. I don't know whether 
> KAVI permits customisation of ballots but it would be useful to be 
> able to distinguish in future between "can't be there in person" and 
> "can't participate at all", "objection to meeting date", and "don't 
> care if someone else is buying the drinks", etc.
> Could I make one plea that the "morning" dial-in slot (10-11 local) be 
> dedicated to administrative and organisation stuff (if needed), and 
> the later one to substantial stuff.
> Also, if the appointed meeting scribe could do regular postings to the 
> list during the day (or wiki, blog, anyone?)with an encapsulation of 
> what's been/being discussed in the F2F, that would help concentrate 
> minds and attention during the narrow window we will have for the 
> confcall, and avoid us wasting bandwidth going over well troden ground.
> Finally, I would hope that the TC can see beyond North America for a 
> future F2F.
> Peter F Brown

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