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Subject: RE: [soa-rm] IRC clients

Title: [soa-rm] IRC clients
I believe I lost the context for this one...why was it sent?

Kind Regards,

Joseph Chiusano

Booz Allen Hamilton

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From: Frank McCabe [mailto:frank.mccabe@us.fujitsu.com]
Sent: Tue 4/5/2005 1:07 PM
To: soa-rm@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [soa-rm] IRC clients

IRC is the grand-daddy of all instant messaging, and so there is a vast
range of clients for all platforms.

If you google IRC client, your will see some of the choices. See
(http://www.ircreviews.org/clients/) for a list of the better known

Personally, since I don't use Windows, I have no opinion on Windows

For unix and for Mac OSX a good (if somewhat complicated to use) client
is xchat and xchat-aqua respectively. xirc is also a good client for

Although there are many IRC clients, most fall down at the first
corporate firewall. However, xchat knows about proxies and firewalls
and can route round them -- using normal HTTP proxy settings.


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