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Subject: Revised SOA-RM Editor Role Descriptions Document

I have uploaded a revised version of the "Proposed Role Descriptions for
SOA-RM Editors" document that takes into account feedback received since it
was originally published.

For those of you interested, here is a summary of the changes:

- There have been suggestions that the role of the individual who assumes
responsibility for assembling a master document from the editor
contributions be labeled as "Chief Editor" or "Lead Editor". There was a
subsequent objection to the use of any terminology that would imply a
hierarchy or authority on the part of this role. The term "Custodian" has
been suggested, so I changed the term to "Editor & Custodian".

- There was a further objection to the notion that the Editor & Custodian be
in any way distinguished from the other editors. It is therefore being
proposed that all editors be listed (in alphabetical order by last name) as
equal contributors on the SOA-RM specification. This is in line with our
goal of balancing the workload across all members of the team.

Please let me know if there are any further objections or change requests.


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