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Subject: RE: [soa-rm] Note to SOA-RM Editing Team

Still interested and available.

Wesley McGregor
GoC Enterprise Architect  | Architecte d'entreprise du GdC
Enterprise Architecture and Standards Division | Division d'architecture d'entreprise et des normes
Chief Information Officer Branch | Direction du dirigeant principal de l'information
Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat | Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor du Canada
Ottawa, Canada K1A 0R5
613-948-1130 | McGregor.Wesley@tbs-sct.gc.ca | facsimile/télécopieur 613-957--8700

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From: 	Christopher Bashioum [mailto:cbashioum@mitre.org] 
Sent:	April 11, 2005 10:33 AM
To:	'Thomas Erl'; soa-rm@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject:	RE: [soa-rm] Note to SOA-RM Editing Team

Still interested and available 

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From: Thomas Erl [mailto:terl@serviceorientation.org] 
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2005 2:30 AM
To: soa-rm@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [soa-rm] Note to SOA-RM Editing Team

During our last conference call Duane confirmed that those who had
volunteered as editors now officially comprise the SOA-RM editing team. I
currently have the following TC members listed as editors:

Chris Bashounin
Tom Bui
Thomas Erl
Don Flinn
Matt MacKenzie
Frank McCabe
Wesley McGregor
Rebekah Metz

Chris, Tom, Don, Matt, Frank, Wesley, and myself volunteered during the
first conference call, and Rebekah was added via a colleague during last
week's call.

There are two issues we should deal with before we proceed to get the team

1. Could each of you on this list please confirm that you are still
interested and available to participate as editors? Simply send a message to
the TC stating that you are in or out.

2. For those of you on this list that missed last Tuesday's discussion,
there was a call for nominations for the Editor & Custodian role. Duane
nominated his colleague Matt and a colleague of Rebekah's (I'm sorry I
didn't get his name) nominated her. If there are any further nominations
please forward them to the TC. Duane suggested that we decide who will
assume the role of Editor & Custodian during an upcoming conference call.


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