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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] Glossary


Could we also have a pedestrian version of the glossary where anyone could 
put in a short thought or a link to a more detailed discourse?  That way, 
if someone had something they wanted to make sure didn't get lost in the 
email traffic, they'd have a place to put it for others to consider.  The 
pedestrian entries could be fairly rough because the version maintained by 
the editing team would capture and clean up the consensus.


At 02:56 PM 4/11/2005, Duane Nickull wrote:
>Editing Team:
>Can we follow up on Ken's suggestion and make a draft glossary on the 
>terms that we agree on based on consensus on this list?  I would propose 
>that the glossary contain two classifications "proposed" and "accepted" or 
>something like that.
>We should all probably keep the following in mind:
>1. Avoid the temptation to place every single term in the glossary.
>Limit it to terms which are ambiguous due to the existence of multiple 
>definitions or where our definition, in our context, is substantively 
>different from the common definitions (locally scoped).
>2. Try to avoid unquantitative adjectives unless they are necessary to 
>clarify semantics (example of bad use - "foo is the best way to do something")
>3. Do not use circular references (example " a service is a service 
>offered by a component")
>This living draft document should live inside Kavi and be accessible by 
>all TC members.
>The following terms are probably good first candidates:
>Architecture (accepted - from charter)
>Service (proposed)
>Advertising (propose "a methodology to convey awareness of (the existence 
>of) a service(s) to all consumers on a fabric" but would like to hear 
>others opinions)
>Service Consumer (proposed, derived from list, may not be part of 
>reference model but may be good to define since it may be discussed more)
>Service Description (proposed, derived from position papers, list)
>Data Model (or similar concept term)
>Contract (or similar term)
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