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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] Architectural Scope of Reference Model

  I accept that they are duals of each other. However, advertising 
suggests a producer-centric world view.  Something that WallMart and GM 
might have something to say about. Also, in the limit case, opening a 
TCP port on a well-known machine might count as advertising -- to a 
port scanning bot. But I think that that is not what most people 
understand with the word advertising.

We need a more neutral concept. The language of contracts may be 
helpful - tender, offer etc. Esp. since that fits well with the concept 
of a service contract.


On Apr 11, 2005, at 2:27 PM, Duane Nickull wrote:

> Francis:
> Discovery is described in the WSA from W3C in section very 
> well.
> "There are various means by which discovery can be performed. Various 
> things — human end users or agents — may initiate discovery. Requester 
> entities may find service descriptions during development for static 
> binding, or during execution for dynamic binding. For statically bound 
> requester agents, using discovery is optional, as the service 
> description might be obtained in other ways, such as being sent 
> directly from the provider entity to the requester entity, developed 
> collaboratively, or provided by a third party, such as a standards 
> body."
> For something to be discovered, it must first be in a format that 
> allows discovery to happen. That is the act of advertising it. 
> Discovery happens ONLY after something is available to be discovered.
> Duane
> Francis McCabe wrote:
>> Is discovery of the essence or advertising? If I discover how to use 
>> your service by some kind of reverse engineering -- you did not 
>> advertise it but I discovered it -- and can therefore use it!
>> Frank
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