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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] eCommerce definitions

Duane Nickull wrote:

> One thing I have trouble with is the use of words like "send" WRT to 
> an electronic message.  Is anything really sent?  No - all that 
> happens is the voltage at one end point is switched on and off several 
> times and the other side detects the voltage switches.  Nothing is 
> actually sent from one place to another.  Can someone actually 
> "receive" an electronic message?

What about defining Send as the process/acts of making information 
available to another entity. And Receive, the act by which a reciver 
ensures that this information ultimatly is made available (when receive 
acts culminates or completes)?

By looking at serviece related regulations, the event that corresponds 
to when a information/service "is available for processing/acts", is of 
key importance.

turning on the philosophical mode.

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