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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] eCommerce definitions

The first of these: where the put finishes before the get starts can be 
modeled (and he does) with  buffer processes.
If by streaming you mean UDP-style streaming, in his notation you could 
model it, although it may be a little stilted. (A similar problem 
arises when using pi-calculus for the same situation.)

On Apr 19, 2005, at 9:52 AM, Anders W. Tell wrote:

> Francis McCabe wrote:
>> More than 20 years ago, Tony Hoare go this one nailed down. In his 
>> book Communicating Sequential Processes, he talks about a rendezvous 
>> between processes, rather than sending messages. He correctly (IMO) 
>> identified that the critical concept is one of two threads of 
>> activity coming to a mutual understanding of a common event.
>> This is also a nice way of thinking about service consumers 
>> interacting with a service -- a rendezvous is inherently more neutral 
>> than using  a service, offering a service etc. etc.
> Trying to penetrate some of Hoares thinking I encountered the issues 
> of communicating nodes that are not connected directly or does not 
> have immediate access. An example is the case then a consumer 
> communicated through a number of service providrs to the service 
> provider. In this case the consumer may not meet directly ie. the 
> putting culminates before the getting even starts. Anoteh case is the 
> issue of "streaming" service such as audio.
> Could you point me to where such cases are addressed using Hoares 
> thinking?
> Sofar I still got the feeling that act leading up to consent are still 
> important altough final rendezvous is an important event.
> Best Regards
> /Anders
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