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Subject: Agenda for tomorrow's meeting

With an 800 line this time ;-)

Dial in Info:

+1 408 536 9900
+1 877 221 5439

MPID 7263329

8:00 AM PDT

Announcements are turned off and we have up to 35 slots.  If these get 
filled up, please send me an email during the course of the meeting and 
I will make sure the minute taker notes it and we can increase the 
number of lines.

If you are late, please announce yourself at an appropriate juncture 
between topics.

IM - please all use the queue written by Matt., This will place you in a 
queue to speak.  There is a function to remove your name from the queue 
if someone else makes the point you were going to first.

Draft Agenda:

1. Welcome, Roll call & determination of quorum
2. Note taker appointed
3. Approval of minutes from last meeting (or suggested changes if any).
4. Approval of use of Wiki and queue pending OASIS decision to host Wiki 
and Queue software.
5. Action items from last meeting:
     - Matt Mackenzie was nominated as Chief Editor and accepted. 
Rebekah Metz was subsequently nominated by Joseph Chuisano for this 
position.  Rebekah sent me an email declining the position.  Action 
item: Ratify Matthew Mackenzie as Chief Editor.
     - Two items we could not start last week are the introductions of 
the following papers:
         a. From Ken Laskey: diagram posted via mail (KAVI message 
reference 90423)
         b. From Sally St Amamnd paper posted via mail (KAVI message 
reference 90422)
      - draft message for our TC home page to explain what we are about 
(any suggestions or volunteers to write?)
6. Face to face meetings update
     - projector, Skype (microphone and speakers for conference calls), 
conference line
7. Technical discussions:
     - review the glossary
      - Review the table of contents
(approval of two items OR action items to change)
8. Editing Team Report (Editors - please chose one of you to give a 
report and lead the discussion)
9. Other (time permitting).
      - draft graphic by Francis McCabe
      - if time left - other.

Please email any revisions today if you have other suggestions or if I 
have neglected something.

Thank you.


Senior Standards Strategist - Adobe Systems, Inc. - http://www.adobe.com
Vice Chair - UN/CEFACT Bureau Plenary - http://www.unece.org/cefact/
Adobe Enterprise Developer Resources  - http://www.adobe.com/enterprise/developer/main.html

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