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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] Architectural Scope of Reference Model

I would suggesto to qualify the term Contract or better yet to replace
term with other term since in in business and legal domain the contract
involves two or more parties. This in order to avoid confusion.

Another aspect is the it may be profitable to differentiate between:

a)  technical/functional description of actual characteristics of service
  (similar to machine specs)
b)  public statement of existence of a) or parts of a)
    ( we got this wonderfull machine but we dont offer it yet)
d)  public statement of offering or availability of a) or parts of a)
e) agreement between two or more parties involving a) or parts of a)


Gregory A. Kohring wrote:

>OK, here is a slightly different view using UML.  In this view
>metadata is the higher level abstraction, while contract is a more
>specialized abstraction.
>-- Greg
>Duane Nickull wrote:
>>Cool!  This is perhaps a place where using UML to avoid ambiguity may be
>>If I read your diagram, it asserts that "realized as" implies an
>>"abstract-concrete" association.  I had viewed that the other concepts
>>are more of a "can be aggregated as part of" association.  My
>>observation is that usually the abstract-concrete association is often
>>used for mapping a specific protocol or specification to a concept in a
>>reference model or reference architecture.
>>I guess the question we need to consider is "what is the association
>>between the higher level abstract concept of metadata and specialized
>>metadata concepts?".
>>Anyone care to take a stab at this as a UML class diagram (or answering
>>the question)?
>>Cheers (and beers next week)
>>Francis McCabe wrote:
>>>I prefer the following diagram :)
>>>On Apr 19, 2005, at 9:51 AM, Duane Nickull wrote:


Best Regards

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