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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] strawman updated


I find that this attribution convention makes the wiki document rather 
difficult for me to deal with. My plan is to cut and paste text from 
the wiki, and having to delete the [...] sections is a bit of a pain.

Some notes about Wiki...

1. The reason that I make you log in to edit is that I want the 
revision history to show what you changed.  This functionality is 
provided by the wiki software, so it is possible to determine who 
changed what and when, and even to "roll back" naughty revisions if 
necessary.  Look at Wikipedia, and entries such as "anti-semitism". It 
works :-)

2. The wiki text processor probably converts stray '<' and '>' of 
unknown tags to &lt; and &gt; on its own, not that it matters much.


On 20-Apr-05, at 4:55 PM, Duane Nickull wrote:

> All:
> I have merged the axioms paper (including some comments) into the 
> strawman reference model.
> http://www.tekni.ca/twiki/bin/view/SoaRefModel/StrawManRMOutline
> I made a convention for referencing the name of the person who submits 
> by doing the following:
> [DuaneNickull]
> comments here or any other bullet points
> [end DuaneNickull]
> Please note that you cannot use angle brackets since HTML interprets 
> them as metadata and a browser is required to simply ignore elements 
> it does not understand.  Accordingly, I suggest we use the [] 
> brackets.
> The axioms document should now be deleted.  Matt can do this once he 
> gets back.
> I also linked the glossary and some graphics including Frank's via 
> Duane
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> http://www.adobe.com
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