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Subject: Guidelines for graphics


I'm still reeling at all of the posts and submissions to the soa-rm 
list in my absence, good stuff!  One issue that is concerning me is 
consistency with graphics.  I am proposing some simple rules here so 
that the editing team can accept graphics from the TC's artists and 
make sure the comply with a common style.

1. Use PNG for the output graphic.  Why?  It is scalable and compact.
2. I will provide a folder in Kavi for graphics, please upload your 
source graphic to it once the editing team and TC have approved the 
graphic as a figure in the specification.  I prefer Photoshop or 
Illustrator native formats, but others that can be imported by these 
tools losslessly are perfectly acceptable.  Please check with me to see 
if your format of choice is workable.  Mac users: I can handle 
OmniGraffle files as well.
3. The editing team will devise some graphics standards (fonts, 
dimensions, dpi, etc.).  When we do, please try to follow them, making 
our work easier :-)

If there is anyone who really enjoys and is very good at graphics, 
please consider volunteering as TC doodle-person.  You'll enjoy a 
prestigious (*chuckle*) position on the editing team for your troubles 


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