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Subject: Editing list, again. 2 new openings.

Here is yet another updated list. There is only one section left. If others would like to contribute, please contact the individual who is responsible for the section you are interested.

Sections that were assigned to Duane are now open. I hope to send out an editors draft very soon, as there is some content included in various sections from the f2f that editors need to consider.

1 Introduction (matt)
1.1 Audience (matt)
1.2 How to Use the Reference Model (open)
1.3 Notational Conventions (matt)
1.4 Relationships to Other Standards (peter b.)
2 The Reference Model (open)
2.1 Services (ken l)
2.1.1 Service Composition (ken l)
2.1.2 Service Description (ken l)
2.2 Policy (frank)
2.3 Semantics (ron/frank)
2.3.1 Data/Information Model (vikas deolaliker)
2.4 Discovery, Presence and Availability (Wes)
3 Conformance Guidelines (Chris B.)
4 References (peter b.)
4.1 Normative (peter b.)
Appendix A. Glossary (peter b.)
Appendix B. Use Cases and Examples (Non-Normative) (Don Flinn)
Appendix C. Acknowledgments (matt)
Appendix D. Notices (matt)

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