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Subject: Fwd: [members] OASIS News--3 June 2005

May be a good option for our fall f2f...


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From: Carol Geyer <carol.geyer@oasis-open.org>
Date: June 3, 2005 2:26:56 PM EDT (CA)
Cc: 'Scott McGrath' <scott.mcgrath@oasis-open.org>
Subject: [members] OASIS News--3 June 2005

3 June 2005

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments, and activities for the international standards consortium.

Mark Your Calendars: OASIS Adoption Forum, London, 17 Oct

This year, the OASIS Adoption Forum will be held at the Russell Hotel in London, 17 Oct. All members, as well as the public, are
encouraged to attend this annual European event, which will explore open standards issues that profoundly affect government,
healthcare, and commerce. Chaired by John Borras, CEO of the UK's Local e-Government Standards Body, the OASIS Adoption Forum will
deliver insight and updates on work in SOA, Web services, tax, business process, and localisation. OASIS gratefully acknowledges
event sponsors, BEA Systems, IBM, Innodata Isogen, SAP, and Sun Microsystems; their support will provide meeting rooms for TCs on
18, 19, and 20 Oct. (Space is limited, so TC chairs are advised to reserve early.) The OASIS Adoption Forum is being held in
conjunction with the eWorld Government and Healthcare Conference.

OASIS Board and TAB Elections Underway 

Eight candidates have come forward to fill five seats on the OASIS Board of Directors. The OASIS Technical Advisory Board also has
eight nominations for its four open seats. Elections are underway now and will remain open until 24 June. All OASIS participants are
encouraged to review candidates profiles, as well as Board nominees' responses to member questions, and discuss preferences with
their Voting Representatives. 

Public Review of CAP v1.1 Ends 15 July

All interested parties are encouraged to provide comments on the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) v1.1 Committee Draft before the
close of its 60-day public review on 15 July. CAP, developed by the OASIS Emergency Management TC, enables information exchange to
advance incident preparedness and response to emergency situations. Public review from potential users, developers, and stakeholders
is an important part of the OASIS process to assure interoperability and quality. 

Presentations from OASIS Open Standards Day Amsterdam Are Now Available

Slides used at the OASIS Open Standards Day, held in Amsterdam, 24 May, have been posted online. The programme featured
presentations on the latest eGovernment projects as well as on XML for tax-related information. It provided updates on the Web
Services Business Process Execution Language (WSBPEL), Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) OASIS Standard, Web Services
Resource Framework (WSRF) and Web Services Notification (WSN) specifications. The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 and
its interaction with the related profile adapters in eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) and WS-Security were also
explored, as was the Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS) specification. A European Justice System's use of the ebXML Messaging OASIS
Standard provided perspective on real-world deployment of standards.

Members Discuss XML Education and Evangelism 

Suggestions on ways OASIS can communicate the mission and purpose of XML to the world is one topic currently being vetted on the
OASIS member-discuss list. This unmoderated, open forum gives Consortium members a place to comment on, solicit input for, and
exchange ideas regarding topics of general interest to the OASIS community. Any OASIS member may post to this list; archives are
publicly accessible.

OASIS e-Gov TC Elects New Chair

Harm-Jan van Burg of the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration has been unanimously elected to chair the OASIS eGovernment TC.
He will provide leadership to move the TC forward as a forum for governments to articulate and coordinate requirements for XML- and
Web services-based standards.    

OASIS Welcomes New Sponsor Members

Gupta Technologies (http://www.guptaworldwide.com/) produces secure, small-footprint, embeddable databases and enterprise
application development tools.

Idiom Technologies (www.idiominc.com) combines XML publishing and globalization to create and deliver comprehensive enterprise
software solutions for authoring, managing, and publishing content in any format in any language.

Justsystem (www.justsystem.com), one of the largest software vendors in Japan, develops technologies to process natural language as
the fundamental means for communications.

Upcoming Events

6-7 June
Gartner Business Process Management Summit 
Arlington, VA, USA

24-29 July
XML Summer School
Oxford, UK 

7-9 June 2005
U-Connect Conference
Grapevine, TX

18-22 July 2005
GML and Geo-Spatial Web Services Conference 2005
Vancouver, British Columbia

24-29 July 5005
The XML Summer School 2005
Oxford, UK

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