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Subject: Service Consumer in RM or not?

As the mover of the procedural motion to close the discussion on Joe
Chiusano's request for a poll, I would also like to underline that my
intention in moving the motion was not to end discussion on Joe's concerns
but only to avoid further procedural discussions on (costly) conf call time:
I want to see the issue fully debated on the list...

We agreed at the TC confcall to kick off a new thread to address the concern
encapsulated by Rebekah's intervention about whether, specifically, the
concept of service consumer should be included in the RM. I think this goes
to the heart of the debate on the TC scope, and I think we need to answer
this before anything else.

As a non-tech member of the TC, here's my strawman take to kick things off:
stupid thought it might seem, I think we need to start by being sure we
share the same concept of service for the purposes of our TC:

1) A service is an event representing a collaboration between two parties
for the use of defined resources: a "service RM" would be concerned with
representing both parties (provider and consumer), the duality of their
interaction through the event and the use of resources...
In this approach:
- service consumer would definitely be in, as one side of the event-based
duality (provider<>consumer);
- a further level of abstraction can be modelled, that of "agent", to
highlight the shared properties of both provider and consumer. In this
manner, it would be easier to answer the problem "how do we model the
situation where a service provider can also be a consumer, and vice-versa?".
They are both agents. Whether they are consumers or providers would
therefore be modelled as a "role" in agent.

2) A service is a "directed collaboration" between two parties: directed in
the sense that one party provides a service to another: a "service provision
RM" would only be concerned with one side of the duality, representing the
service provider, irrespective of whether the service is used, or whether
there is a consumer at the end of the "pipe"...


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