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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] New Name of Current Spec (Was RE: [soa-rm] Groups - SOARM Meeting Minutes June 01, 2005 (Meeting Minutes June 01,2005[1].doc) uploaded)

Hello all:

I am back from vacation and in the process of catching up.  Thanks for 
keeping the fire going ;-)

I have a few clarification requests. 

1. In the minutes, it is suggested that the TC Chair play "cop" more 
often during conference calls and some discussion about IRC.  Does this 
mean with or without IRC?  I can rise to that duty verbally and it is 
probably a good idea for each speaker to be recognized by the chair. 

2. The email below does not reconcile with the minutes.  Are the minutes 
incomplete or is the email errant in its assumption that the TC has made 
a decision to divide the work into two documents (Joe??).

3. There are a few items that should probably be voted on in order to 
put them to rest for once and ever.  I would like to suggest that we set 
up a poll to vote on this as follows:

Ballot A

Select one:

 [choice] We will keep our work focused on a Reference Model for SOA and 
in one document
 [choice] We will split our SOA reference model into two documents.

Notes:  before a ballot is set up, we need to budget some time to 
discuss and have all views presented.  This does not mean that any 
content has to be excluded, it is merely a validation or rejection of 
our current approach.

Ballot B

Select one:
 [choice] A Service Consumer is not part of the core Reference model, 
yet we may elect to illustrate this in a non-normative manner to 
facilitate understanding of how to relate the concept back to the RM.
 [choice] A service Consumer is a core part of the SOA-RM.

Notes: If we do opt to have a SC normatively in the RM, it opens up 
pandora's box.

Ballot C

It seems that the concept map done by Matt is probably a close 
approximation to our goals for figure 2-1. 

Select one:

 [choice] I vote to use this as the core diagram in section 2-1 subject 
to possible change later.
 [choice] I vote to use this as the core diagram with the following 
changes (voter to submit comments)
 [choice] I do not like it and propose the use of the following graphic 
instead (requires voter to submit a graphic)


I would encourage that we probably do not vote on the subject of POA 
since it is not binding upon any future POA TC.  I do support Joseph's 
notion that POA also probably needs a RM for it.  We should probably 
finish the SOA work first.

There is a requirement to answer item B before item C. 

Do these polls make sense as written and does anyone object to them 
being placed into the ballot mechanism?

Last but not least, I saw that there is an editors meeting to be held 
before the next Conf Call.  Is there a time, place for that?


Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>Just to clarify, based on our discussion at the end of today's call:
>Our current spec will be renamed to SO-RM (Service Orientation Reference
>Model), and another will follow called SOA-RM (Service-Oriented
>Architecture Reference Model) which will extend the SO-RM spec.
>And perhaps after that (within our TC, or perhaps within a different TC)
>we can have a POA-RM (Process-Oriented Architecture Reference Model),
>which will extend the SOA-RM spec.
>Joseph Chiusano
>Booz Allen Hamilton
>Visit us online@ http://www.boozallen.com
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>>Subject: [soa-rm] Groups - SOA RM Meeting Minutes June 01, 
>>2005 (Meeting Minutes June 01, 2005[1].doc) uploaded
>>The document named SOA RM Meeting Minutes June 01, 2005 
>>(Meeting Minutes June 01, 2005[1].doc) has been submitted by 
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