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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] Service Consumer in RM or not?

Hi - I'm back!!

Comments inline:

Peter F Brown wrote:

>1) A service is an event 
DN - a "service invocation" is an event. The "service" itself is not an 
event IMO, it is an invoke able entity..

>representing a collaboration between two parties
>for the use of defined resources: a "service RM" would be concerned with
>representing both parties (provider and consumer), the duality of their
>interaction through the event and the use of resources...
>In this approach:
>- service consumer would definitely be in, as one side of the event-based
>duality (provider<>consumer);
>- a further level of abstraction can be modelled, that of "agent", to
>highlight the shared properties of both provider and consumer. In this
>manner, it would be easier to answer the problem "how do we model the
>situation where a service provider can also be a consumer, and vice-versa?".
>They are both agents. Whether they are consumers or providers would
>therefore be modelled as a "role" in agent.
>2) A service is a "directed collaboration" between two parties: directed in
>the sense that one party provides a service to another: a "service provision
>RM" would only be concerned with one side of the duality, representing the
>service provider, irrespective of whether the service is used, or whether
>there is a consumer at the end of the "pipe"...
I would like to call for a vote on this too to put it to bed for once an 
all.  My assertion = If I architect something with a service, a consumer 
does not have to be present for it to be "service oriented".   Nor do 
messages, networks, signals, pings, security, encryption etc etc.   This 
is much the same as stating that a "message" does not have to be sent in 
order for it to be a "message".  It can exist with or without being 

If we do go the way of the service provider and service consumer, this 
could be done in an illustrative (non-normative) manner in the RM or 
(and I favor this idea) as part of a reference architecture.  If we do 
vote to include the SC, we then have to open up the RM to everything 
else that follows which means that it won't be a RM, it will be 

I had hoped we could gain consensus on this and avoid a vote however I 
feel a vote may be inevitable.

BTW - has anyone else noticed that the list is very slow today? It took 
5 hours for my last message to come back to me via this list?


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