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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] Service Consumer in RM or not?

Behera, Prasanta wrote:

>  For my understanding I too would like to understand why SC should not 
> be part of RM (it may not be but I would like to understand).


The answer lies in the nature of Reference models.  If we place SC in 
the model, then we need to also include the infrastructure to connect 
the SC to the service.  This means that it would not longer be a model 
but an architecture.  The same exists for the community concept.  If we 
make a model of a community, it becomes architecture by virtue of the 
fact that it requires an infrastructure to connet the membetrs of the 

Infrastructure is definitely a go in RA, just not RM. 

The source of the confusion over all of this appears to be centered 
around that fact that architecture = architecture, RM = RM but when we 
make a RM for * Architecture, the lines of distinction blur.  While it 
is tempting to change the name to be SO RM, we may lose the people who 
are thinking of SOA.  Michael and Rebekah's posts are right on the point 
here.  If SOA was the name, not an acronym, our problems would probably 
be solved.


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