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Subject: RE: [soa-rm] Service Consumer in RM or not?

<quote who="Frank McCabe">
...when you want to talk about agents communicating, you can either focus on
the agents, or on the conversation. The former approach emphasizes things
like agents, messages, and so on. The latter emphasizes what a legal
conversation looks like -- and does not focus on the agents themselves.

In a service oriented world, we have a similar choice: we can focus on the
participants or on the service. A focus on participants leads to things like
messaging, service providers, service consumers etc. A focus on service
leads to things like action, policy, semantics.

It is not that there are no service providers or consumers, but that the
focus is elsewhere.

For me, this is the clearest argument yet in favour of keeping service
consumer *out* of the RM.

I would also be happy with the RM being described as a "Service Orientation
RM", and believe that Frank's statement actually underlines that.

I may be a little slow on the uptake and don't fall into the class of the
top-flight sofware architects out there, but you can be sure that if
dumb-ass managers like me haven't grocked it yet, there are plenty of others
out there that won't either, so I think it's right to make the effort to get
this right and not lose our nerve, marbles or tempers in the process...

[BTW, I still think that an RM can be built around the "static" entities
that Frank describes (agents, messgaes, etc.) but that would be a service RM
and not a service-oriented RM...but that's for another day]


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