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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] Service Consumer in RM or not?

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

> - A Service Orientation Reference Model (SO RM) - that is, don't label 
> this as "SOA RM" but rather "SO RM"
> - A SOA Reference Architecture (SOA RA)
> rather than a single SOA Reference Model (SOA RM).

Our intent (as expressed in our charter) has always been to do this.  
The only difference is the change of the name from SOA RM to SO RM.

Pro of renaming to SO RM:

- more accurate reflection of what it really is.

Con of renaming to SO RM:

- losing the correlation with SOA.  We are trying to define SOA.  If we 
change the name, it may be perceived as defining something different 
which means we are in the same place as we started when we finish.
- People may not reconcile the work with SOA which is the primary goal 
of the TC

If there is a desire to explore this further, I would ask that someone 
who is a voting member please ask that this be put up for a web ballot.


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