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Subject: RE: [soa-rm] TC Process


Picking up on your hint/proposal at the end of your mail below, I would
formally move that the TC votes on the "service customer" issue.

My motion is:
Given the debate in the TC regarding the correct scoping of the proposed
Reference Model, I move that the TC agree that the concept of 'service
customer' shall not be considered an a normative concept within scope of the
RM. Further discussion of this concept shall be pursued only on this basis
and may be used indicatively in any illustrative appendix to the RM or in
subsequent work on reference arhcitectures but shall not be included as a
normative part of the reference model.

I fear we are running ahead of ourselves and sometimes running in circles. I
see the importance and relevance of concepts such as consumer, message, etc.
to building actual SOA architectures, but - after following the exchanges on
the list in the last weeks on this and related issues - I now feel that this
concept is distracting or attention and risks taking further bandwidth.

- I think that if the TC can focus its attention on this motion for a couple
of days, we can nail down a key issue that will also help us all clarify the
scope of the RM.
- I would also suggest (this is not a motion!) that at the next TC confcall,
an item for discussion could be whether it would be useful to establish an
RA sub-cttee already/soon that could serve to channel some of these
discussions without shutting them down.


-----Original Message-----
From: Duane Nickull [mailto:dnickull@adobe.com] 
Sent: 07 June 2005 20:06
Subject: [soa-rm] TC Process


Moving forward, I would like to suggest that if the subject of Service
Consumer is at debate, we deal with it in the following diplomatic manner.
I also hope it will shed some light as per Rebekah's comment on trying to
understand the differences of opinion too.  That is very useful IMO.

1. A motion from a voting member to vote on the topic

2. Full discussion (can happen on the list and/or conf call).

3. When either the discussion has ended or 2/3 of the TC votes that it has
gone on long enough, we have a vote.

4. After the vote, it is res judicata

Currently, we do not have a motion asking for a vote.  If someone wants the
SC to be in the RM rather than or alongside the RA, they need to make that
motion. Discussion to follow.


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