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Subject: RE: Consumer mechanism for "advertising" for a service

We are back to the problem/issue of intent and context: from the moment an
application/agent establishes an intention to be a service consumer then it
*is* a service consumer (at the very least in its context, even if nothing
out there recognises it as such); in the same way that a service provider
(and indeed a service) is a service provider (or a service) from the moment
there is an intention for it to be so, irrespective of invocation,
execution, etc.

In an RA, I think it's more helpful to think of service consumer as one
concept. The "variants" you propose are then properties of an association
(eg "state=invoked", "state=run-time", etc) between the consumer "concept"
and the actual "real world" implementation (see attached diagram - I'm not
sure what to call these different "aspects" or states of being a consumer
tho'...ideas on a postcard please).

There are practical and powerful reasons for making this conceptual
separation, not least in the area of "semantic web service" implementations.
But I'll leave that stuff until Vancouver....


Consumer concept.png

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